Learning Microsoft Intune

Unified Endpoint Management with Intune & the Microsoft 365 product suite

About the book

Originally published as "Learning Microsoft Endpoint Manager", this essential Intune ramp-up guide has been updated and expanded for 2023 by Microsoft Product Manager Scott Duffey.

Microsoft Intune (previously known as Microsoft Endpoint Manager) has rapidly become the tool of choice for IT professionals around the world for managing corporate and personal desktop and mobile devices, but the learning curve can be steep. Updated with the latest concepts and guidance, this book will fast-track your understanding of Intune by laying out concepts in an easy-to-read way, with examples and tips for the real world, along with guided lab exercises.

In this book you will learn:

This book includes learning material, examples and exercises and is suitable for IT administrators of any level who want to ramp up and become the Microsoft Endpoint Manager expert in their own workplace.

Table of contents

Chapter 1 – Introduction

Chapter 2 - Getting started with Microsoft Endpoint Manager

Chapter 3 – Enrolling Devices into Management 

Chapter 4 – Remote Device Actions

Chapter 5 – Configuring Device Settings

Chapter 6 – Configuring Compliance Profiles and Settings

Chapter 7 – Configuring Endpoint Security

Chapter 8 – Deploying Apps

Chapter 9 – App Protection Policies 

Chapter 10 – App Configuration Policies 

Chapter 11 – Conditional Access

Chapter 12 – Configuration Manager, Co-management and Tenant Attach

Chapter 13 – Endpoint Analytics

Chapter 14 – Troubleshooting

Chapter 15 – Advanced Usage and Resources to Learn More

About the author

Scott is a Principal Product Manager at Microsoft where he builds features for Microsoft Intune. Scott has spent the last decade at Microsoft helping IT administrators, MVP's and partner organizatons deploy Microsoft enterprise management solutions such as Intune, Configuration Manager and Active Directory Group Policy. Scott creates technical documentation for Microsoft, speaks at conferences and regularly contributes to the Intune support blog.

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